Monday, May 28, 2012

Prime Time- I Owe It To Myself (1984)

Sometimes I'll get to the counter of the 7-11, and I've got two kinds of beef jerky, a cream soda, seven dollars' worth of penny candy, and the newest issue of XXL, and the guy at the counter will look at me sideways.
For the record, counter guy, I know I'm being excessive, but after taking the lead on damage control after one of the clients at work tried to pee in the drain instead of the toilet, and sitting in a two-hour long HR presentation about how we're all fucking up our time-sheets, I totally, totally, TOTALLY owe it to myself. Totally.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Clarity- The Way You Make Me Feel (1985)

I am a person that has very strong feelings. When I am happy, am I very, very happy. When I am sad, I am an upset mess. That being said, there are feelings in my life that I have yet to put my finger on, like when I run out of milk right as the pot of coffee finishes brewing, how I tend to rip all of my best clothes doing something stupid, when a small child grabs at my chest, or the most confusing feeling of all: the constant dreams of a shirtless, teary-eyed Phil Collins holding a boombox, Say Anything-style, outside of my bedroom window, blasting 'In Too Deep'. Strange, strange, strange.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shirley Lites- Heat You Up, Melt You Down (1983)

I'm not sure if it's the heat, the copious amounts of cheap beer at weekly softball games, the fumes inhaled via open pickup truck windows, or too-tight/too-sweaty dirty white snapbacks, but there is something about summer that makes the dickweeds in my neighbourhood go from 'kinda deplorable' to 'absolutely intolerable'.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Glenn Jones- Finesse 1984

I used to use Finesse for all of my 80's budget haircare needs, but then Salon Selectives came on the market, and sometimes, you just can't fuck with softness.